The Radian 75

Made for Astrophotographers, by Astrophotographers.

The Radian 75 APO Astrograph is a true space photography platform showcasing the imaging DNA that made the Radian 61 the fastest selling telescope in OPT’s 75 year history. We kept the what you loved about the 61, including the sleek flat black design, with thin multi-point mounting rings. We still include two dovetails (d-style and v-style) at no additional charge to ensure universal attachment to any mount. We kept the filter vault with 2” threads for easy placement of your favorite filter… which we already know is of course your Radian Triad Ultra of course.
Available now in limited quantities!
  • The ultimate portable astrophotography telescope.
  • FCD 100 Glass
  • 75mm aperture, 405mm focal length, f/5.4 system
  • The Radian 75 is a true Petzval Imaging System which prevents any moving elements in the system
  • Huge full frame image circle with the included Corrector for sharp stars across the image on DSLRs, mirrorless, and dedicated astronomy cameras
  • Comes with a V-style dovetail & a D-style plate to ensure compatibility with any mount out of the box

Shot by Alex Hawkinson @gazingoutwards with Radian 75

Shot by Alex Hawkinson @gazingoutwards with Radian 75

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