The Radian 61

Made for Astrophotographers, by Astrophotographers.

Introducing the Radian 61: a premium, travel-friendly APO triplet imaging refractor with all the bells & whistles included for the modern astrophotographer.
Available now in limited quantities!
  • The ultimate portable astrophotography telescope.
  • Comes with multiple upgraded components as standard for a complete, turnkey package
  • 61mm aperture, 275mm focal length, f/4.5 system
  • Premier apochromatic triplet optics for pristine image quality
  • Custom Radian Hex Rings with integrated cable management channels
  • Huge full frame image circle with the included Corrector for sharp stars across the image on DSLRs, mirrorless, and dedicated astronomy cameras
  • Comes with a 4″ V-style dovetail & a Radian 6.5″ universal D-style plate to ensure compatibility with any mount out of the box
  • Additional included accessories consist of a 10:1 factory-tuned rack & pinion focuser with optional automation upgrade, a 2″ Filter Vault, a 360º rotator, a Radian padded-insert travel backpack, dew shield, dust covers, and more!
  • Forget having to haul your heavy equatorial mount far from home. At a total weight of just 4 lbs (1.8 kg), the Radian 61 can be carried on even the lightest travel mounts, including star trackers like the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Pro or the iOptron Skyguider Pro, with weight to spare for a camera as well.
  • Factory-Tuned Focuser – We chose an exceedingly-sturdy 2.5″ dual-speed rack & pinion focuser for the Radian 61 that’s factory-tuned for extreme levels of precision when focusing.
  • Automation – Upgrade to our USA-made custom Radian Autofocuser for perfect focus, all the time.
  • Tack-sharp, fast optics – Premier fast apochromatic triplet optics with matched reducer/flattener for pristine image quality from edge to edge — even with a full-frame camera.
  • Filter Vault – Works with your standard 2″ filters, right out of the box. Completely integrated into the Radian 61’s included adapters. No backfocus headaches!
  • Easily Attach Accessories – The redesigned rings make it easy to mount any of your accessories to any side of the telescope, standard or metric.
  • No Snags – Radian Modular Hex Rings have no protrusions that cause cable snags.
  • Lightweight – light enough to use with a portable star tracker.
  • Easy Frame Rotation – Frame your images to your ideal composition without having to rotate the entire telescope.
  • Easy to attach any camera – industry-standard M48 threads, with full-frame sensors in mind.
  • Two dovetails included – V and D style dovetails included, so you can use it on any mount.

Case Included – Take the Radian 61 anywhere or store it safely in the included Radian Backpack.

Watch AstroBackyard’s Video on the Radian 61

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The Heart & Soul Nebulae, captured by Trevor Jones of AstroBackyard with a Canon EOS Ra full frame camera on the Radian 61

The California Nebula, captured by Trevor Jones of AstroBackyard with a Canon EOS Ra full frame camera on the Radian 61

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